Do Not Jail Families

In April of this year, Jeff Sessions and Secretary Nielsen declared that the Department of Justice and Homeland Security would separate immigrant children from their parents. Since that time, they have created 2,000 orphans, generating an anguish that could only please the devil and his minions.

This is being done in the name of the United States of America. In our name.

The executive order signed today is an evil response to the cries of children captured on audio tape this past week–keeping families together in indefinite incarceration offends every ethical and moral norm of this nation.

Resource links can be found at this site.

How to help:


  1. Please do everything within your power to contact your congressional representatives to register your contempt for this action and your expectation that they will speak out against the policy.
  2. Contact your clergy, your community leaders and anyone else that comes to mind to be a part of this action.
  3. We have people who have connections with those who contribute large amounts of money to the campaigns of many elected official. If you representative is not a part of this battle, you might consider that tactic.
  4. If your representative has been vocal and against the separation of families, please offer them support.

Other Kinds of Assistance:

  1. The organization RAICES has a program which helps bond out immigrants. Click here to participate.
  2. The Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen supports those families that manage to be released. There is a contribution page you can reach by clicking here.
  3. The organization KIND (Kids In Need of Defense) has been doing this sort of work for ten years. Help them at this site.
  4. The CARA Bono project has been defending refugees from deportation from within the infamous Dilley Family Detention Center. Read about the extraordinary work of these heroes and offer to support them here.
  5. You can contribute to the work of the ACLU of Texas by contributing here.

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